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Title MV Review
Posted by So**** (ip:
  • Date 2021-09-25
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Firstly, I would like to share a small review about what I feel the storyline is. 

She seems to be a mermaid and he got mesmerised by her charms - Dimples - and can't understand what's real or not anymore. He understands something is off, but being next to her, in that "enchanted" world seems to be better than to be in the reality. You can see that every time she is in the frame, he's getting so hyped, having so much fun. I'm just wondering if he indeed tried to become a tryton - as he has the same decorations on the hands, wears silver and his footprints are silver too -  to stay with her - just as the siren of Disney wanted to become human because of love.

And if you think about it, this might happen to everyone. And not only with a person, it can happen with things too. Like when you are starstrucked by something: might be music, a book, an animal, a movie, an art exhibition, something you saw happening in front of your eyes. 

And it might be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It might make you grow, make you happier, healthier - mentally and physically -, it can give you a new purpose, a new goal. But it can also seem something positive at the beginning, but make you crumble slowly, so slowly that you realise it when it's almost too late. And it goes both with people and things. 

Cause at the end of the day it's all about feelings. 

As for the mv review, I do love every single scene of the MV but I might say my favourite one is the tunnel's. The way he tries to get up, all dressed up as if he was going to something important and fancy (or coming back from it), the way his feet are stucked, how it seems like a heavy weight is trying to pull him back to the ground again, how he look around bewildered, how you can clearly see in his eyes that he doesn't understand what's going on, where he is, why he is there, what happened.. 

When I saw the mv for the first time that scene hit me strongly. Both for his acting - good job our gardener and pack leader! - and the way it made feel. Those emotions truly resonated with me. I felt them in my bones, in my stomach. In my heart. And it made me think about life,- how things are so unpredictable, how one moment you're the happiest ever and the second after you're breaking down (or viceversa), how it's all a matter of seconds. How we should grasp any chance - carpe diem, latins said -, have no regret, but always keeping an eye on ourselves, on our true selves. And those emotions got amplified on the underwater scenes. It made me think about a lecture I went to once, there was this person on wheelchair who started the lecture snapping his fingers: once at his head height, another once at his knees' heights - "a second, that's all you need to completely change, twist your life. A second. A mere snapping of hands". 

I know the song is upbeat, funny, and it makes you wanna dance, shout, sing along. But on the other side, the MV, made me reflect. So thank you Woosung - both for the music and the mv. 

Our White Rose, 

Our Pack Leader, 

Our Leader,

I'm so proud of you. 

The Rose Italia 

Attachment 740B3A86-8EA4-48E8-BDAB-ED039C95A298.png , 09E404CD-807E-455C-9C9F-E01C1740CAF4.png , C5AD6124-FBA2-4B8F-ACED-E4CA4C0D2723.png , 9523768D-D382-4DA7-99DD-974046C74B3C.png , 695792A8-7591-40E7-B343-6F668A2302B5.png
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